Telephone and Communications

Data Systems implement custom phone system configurations using *Asterisk, Digium telecommunication products and Polycom's line of masterful Voice Over IP handsets.

We are experienced with providing virtual lines through Voice Over IP trunks, and using our Networking Experience to link systems or setup extensions in remote offices.  In fact we have saved one client $1000 per month in toll charges by linking computer and telephone systems in remote offices.

We can design and build a telephone system that will do things that you never thought a telephone system could do.

Surveillance and Building Access Systems

As a partner with one of the largest manufacturers of CCTV surveillance equipment in the country, we configure and install only the best quality camera components that use full Sony chip cameras (both the CCD and DSP are manufactured by Sony), and our Digital Video Recorders are custom designed and built to be beyond feature rich.

As an Identicard Partner, we have the training and experience to install the best electronic entry an access control systems on the market.

Computers and Network Hardware

All of  the systems that we build are built with the experience of knowing that  reliable systems are made from reliable components.  That is why we use motherboards made by Intel (that carry a 5 year manufacturers warranty).  That is why we use Intel processors, Seagate, Hitachi or and Western Digital hard disk drives and Microsoft or Logitech Keyboards and Mice. 

Give us a call and let us custom design the engineering workstation, business system or gaming system of your dreams.

We also deliver and install just about any product that your business needs for your computing and networking needs, including routers, switches, printers, network adapters, floppy drives, CD and DVD drives, etc.

As a Microsoft Partner, you can always be sure that your Microsoft Products are Genuine Microsoft.


Retail and Restaurant Point-of-Sale

Data Systems is a proud partner of PC America, one of the largest providers of Retail and Restaurant Point-of-Sale systems. Whether a single or multiple location business, PC America is designed to scale with your business.

And Much, Much More

If it has to do with technology for your business or life, we make it our business.  Data Systems is also proud to offer Digital Signage Systems by Ryarc, Medical Practice Management an Electronic Health Records Systems and Employee Time Clock Systems, including Biometric by Wasp.