Data Systems of North Florida, Inc. was founded in Gainesville in the early 1970ís as a data processing, computer consulting, and programming organization.  Owned and operated for the last fourteen years by the son of our founder, we have been in Gainesville longer than any other computer consulting business.  Data Systems has strived over the years to stay on top of emerging technologies and to evolve right along with the computer industry.


The services that we provide include networking (including wide area networking), consulting, sales, repair, and programming.  We are not a retail store, and we have a very strong background in providing ongoing support to businesses and professionals, at work and at home.


Data Systems specialty is networking.  We have vast experience in local and wide area networking that includes Unix, Novell, Windows NT/2000/XP, AS/400, Frame Relay, SDLC, ISDN, Analog Circuits, T1, DSL and Cable etc.  I believe that it is completely safe to say that few other companies in the North-Central Florida area have the overall breadth of networking experience as Data Systems.  We put great pride and quality into our work.


As a strategic partner with Cox Communications, we have the ability to help provide and integrate the array of High Speed Data services available from Cox Communications.  Using the Cox Communications backbone, we are working to build the first network of Public, Wireless Networking Hotspots in the Gainesville Ocala Area.  The Wi-Fi Hotspot program is available to any businesses wishing to provide Wireless Internet Access as a benefit to their clients.


Data Systems is also very proud of our involvement in community organizations.  We have been active in raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, have donated computer support and services to the Alachua Humane Society as well as provide regular donated computer support and services for the Alachua County Boys and Girls Club.  Another pet project of ours is donating computer support and training to elderly people in our area.  We have discovered that, as people get older and more confined to their homes, their computer and the Internet becomes more and more their window to the world.  It has been our privilege to assist these honorable residents of our community.